To meet the requirements of a qualified Group lead in which you will receive 5% referral commissions from the amount of what the Group paids for eTag365 App Services as a referral fee for as long as the group pays eTag365. You must of talked to the potential Group decision maker and they must of have expressed an interests in having someone from eTag365 contacting them about becoming an eTag365 Group. eTag365 offers incentives for groups. In must cases eTag365 can cut the Group’s business card expenses half or more. It also makes your employees much more efficient handling contacts and leads.

    Secondly, you must confirm with the potential Group decision maker via email with a CC to that someone from eTag365 will be contacting them within the next 48 – 72 hours after eTag365 receives the confirmation email. We will keep you informed on our progress.

    Please fill out the below form, so we get started:
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