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Are you missing out on hundreds or thousands
of dollars worth of connections and opportunities?

We all collect business cards or contact information and then go back to the office and evaluate their worth to us at that time. A few contacts get inputted or put aside for follow up, but most go into the pile for later input, which never happens, because it takes 3 to 5 minutes to input a single contact. Even if using scan / take picture Apps they take to long. You decide it’s just not worthwhile.

Just think if one or two of those contacts within the next year was worth thousandths or millions in connections or opportunities. Only, if you had communicated with them over time. Out sight, Out Mind!

eTag365 offers the ultimate bundle of software tools to solve this problem by getting people’s business card information into digital format within seconds little to no typing. It allows you to collect and create contactless contact information and export it within seconds.


Maximize your connections and opportunities!

Free Contact Info Listing

eTag365 is offering a free contact listing by filling out eTag365 Account Profile. This is chance to be sure your contact information is correct and complete that eTag365 is gives out, when someone retrieve contact information by cell phone number. In most cases the information has your cell number, name and address, but may not have company name or email address, web site, and fax number. Remember your information is being request by someone who could be prospect or give a referral.
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Retrieve Contact Info By Cell Number

. Available in February 2021, eTag365 Mobile App for Android and Apple phones will have a new option that allows you to retrieve someone contact information by just typing in their cell phone number database of 170 million cell numbers.
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Retrieve Contact Info By NFC Sticker

We will send you a eTag365 NFC Sticker, (similar to one in your credit card, where you pay for things) Then you tap sticker on someone else’s phone that has eTag365 mobile App downloaded you can past your contact information contactless within seconds and it will be uploaded to cloud.
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Retrieve Contact Info By Text Scraper

eTag365 offers you as part of eTag365 system, eTag365 Text Scraper. If you can highlight the text on your device If you save on the system clip board aTg365 can save it into a eTag365 contact and send it to eTag365 Contact Portal You must have eTag365 Account to use this product.
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eTag365 Email Follow-Up (Drip) Campaigns

eTag365 offers you simple and easy ways to keep in touch with prospect. It allows you design one time up to 12 emails that will be sent out over whatever span you want telling the prospect about product or service. You can get in prospect mind over the next year automatically with needing to remember to send a follow up emails.
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How eTag365 Works

You have have two easy options to get eTag365 Sticker and software. The software allows you a way to seamlessly move business card information correctly 100% of the time, without typing or editing.
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User Referral Programs

Limited Time Offer Earn up to $5.00 the first year for getting someone to signing up. This includes the on going 5% referral commissions. It's easy! All you need to do is be sure that your mobile phone number is in ref phone number data field in the person User profile. eTag365 will do the rest.
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Exclusive Dealer Program

eTag365 offers a awesome Exclusive by zip code Dealer opportunity for the person that looking passive or active involvement. You would receive 10% commission of anyone who buys eTag365 service with you exclusive area. You will receive limited guarantee that says that eTag365 will pay 10% commission no matter what, until you receive least 3x your original cost of the Dealer less anything you received for Exclusive License.
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