Own an Exclusive Territory License Area.

eTag365 is offering exclusive territory license areas by number of employees within a zip code area throughout the USA. called Dealer. This is the main way eTag365 initially raises capital  funds for marketing, operations, and software development of eTag365  and will grow eTag365. The Dealer receives 10% monthly recurring income on all eTag365 Contact Portal services within their exclusive licensee territory. Simply put, it’s like a royalty. eTag365 offers you a limited guarantee.

What is a Dealer Expected to do?

eTag365 expects you to help in marketing and sales of eTag365 in the Dealer area. eTag365 is designed to grow via grass roots effort. In most cases, if you hand out your business card at meets as part of you other business we believe you will generate enough new Users for eTag365 that you will meet eTag365 quota.  Yes, there is a performance clause and yearly quota to maintain the exclusive license area. If there is a problem, the Dealer has the option of going on probation for a year or so or giving up their territory, but they still have their limited guarantee. eTag365 feels, in most cases, the Dealer should be able to meet the goals by promoting eTag365 within networking events and other places that business cards are being passed around in your area. A Dealer might visit larger organizations. eTag365 will be sending you any leads from eTag365 website. eTag365 will also be doing some social and Ad marketing in your area too.


eTag365 OFFERS Limited Dealer Guarantee

eTag365 will protect the initial purchaser of the Exclusive Territory License by giving you a Limited Guarantee that states that, no matter what, eTag365 will continue to pay original purchaser commissions from the paying Users in your area until you are paid back at least 5 times the original amount paid less any monies you received if you sold your license to someone else.

Exclusive Territory License Highlights
  • Only issued once by eTag365. There is no Limited Guarantee if not the original purchaser
  • The eTag365 Exclusive Area Licenses are sold on a first come basis.
  • Financing may be available.
  • You may sell your eTag365 Exclusive Area License anytime.
  • You get Marketing & Sales Assistance.
  • You get Limited Dealer Guarantee.
  • Start your own business now!
  • Recurring Commissions for your lifetime!
  • Software is designed to scale for fast growth.
  • You receive 10% commission from the sales in your area.
  • You receive free blank eTag365 NFC Stickers for marketing.
  • Must have if you have a business card.
  • You can keep doing what you're doing. Earn money by just handing out your business card and those people handing out business cards.