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eTag365 has developed a App that allows you scrap the text from your computer if you can hightlight it and copy it. Its great for emails, website content and getting the information from a chat box like Zoom. Then you place is eTag365 Text Scraper clipboard and the program will try to figure out where data goes with etag365 Contact information form. There is no need to type data anymore. Just change the tag name pull down if it the wrong tag for the data and submit to you eTag365 contact Portal Account. You must have eTag365 Contact Portal Account. You may use eTag365 Text Scrap to be contact information into your database for free. You can export the data or use eTag365 NFC Sticker system with out having a eTag365 Plan.

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Go to your browser and enter
Enter Phone #: 2159999999
Enter Password: Demo
Go to the section “How to use it”::

To Get the Scraper

You must have eTag365 Contact Portal Account. Login into and create at least an Accost profile, which is free.
Go to section “How to use it:


Go to chat button at the bottom right side and enter your message. Be sure to include a sample of highlighted text you where trying to use


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How to use it:

Enter your mobile phone and password for your eTag365 Contact Portal Account or Demo information.

With your mouse click on the right button and hold it and highlight the desired text.on your computer. It could be an email, website text or Zoom Chat box and highlight it. Then click on right button again and select the option “Copy”. Now place your cursor in the eTag365 clipboard in the top of eTag365 Text Scraper and click on the right button of the mouse,and pick the option to “Paste”.Your highlighted text should appear in the window clipboard. eTag365 Text Scraper will try to figure out what fields the data you highlighted goes into to create a eTag365 contact. If the eTag365 Text Scraper was wrong just click on the pull down tag and change name of tag for that data to the right one.

In most cases there should be no reason for needing to type any information into the field unless it was not in your original highlighted text. Now, you can submit information. The information will be sent to eTag365 Contact Portal to the account database.

To view information go to eTag365 Contact Portal: http;// and enter Phone# and Password and you will see the contacts

Note: The minimum amount of information you must have is a mobile number, email address, and first name to create and upload a contact.

Creating eTag365 Text scraper short cut icon

Go to your favorite browser and enter When the eTag365 Text Scrap comes up, go over to your options in the upper right hand side and click (some times there is just 3 dots) and menu will appear with options like; “Create Short Cut” or “Add to Home Screen”. Select the option the following text should appear “eTag365 Text Scrap”. You can change the text to something else if you like. Press the Enter key to save it. The shortcut icon should appear on your Home page.