Group Rewards Referral Partner Program

For Limited Time eTag365 is waiving the number of people you need in a group.
We are also increasing the first year Referral Commissions to $10.00 for any paid person that uses your Group code!

That's Right!

Group Reward Referral Program

  • It’s similar to User Reward Referral Program
  • You must be a Group of at least 25 people. (Waived)
  • It offers 10% Reward Referral Commission to Group Leader after the first year for as long as they pay eTag365..
  • Recurring commissions to Group Leader for lifetime or end of the group.
  • eTag365 creates a special Group Code which must be used to receive Rewards Referral Commission.
  • You can sign-up individually using your mobile phone number, but eTag365 can bill the Group directly.
  • There is no fee to be in the Group Reward Referral Program but you must go and register the Group.