How eTag365 Works

eTag365 is the only system to offer three different contactless ways to collect contact information in seconds by using Retrieve by Cell Number, eTag365 NFC Sticker or eTag365 Text Scraper.

Using Retrieve by Cell Number; allows you to check eTag365 cell number database with over 100 million cell numbers. You will be provided with whatever contact information we have on that number. In some cases it will be complete information and other cases it will be partial or no information and you can add the rest. Every day people are adding or updating their information in the eTag365 cell number database making it more and more complete. After you are finished with the contact information, just press the import button and it will uploaded to your contact database in eTag365 Contact Manager in seconds. You can also add your information free of charge.

Using eTag365 NFC Sticker; is part of a patent pending system that allows you read eTag365 NFC chip in seconds. The NFC Sticker has your contact information on it. Think of taking your credit card and going up to a retail establishment and purchasing something by tapping your card on their credit card terminal and your credit card information gets passed to the merchant to pay for the goods. It’s the same theory but instead of financial information it’s your contact information. eTag365 NFC system provides an mobile app which is available in the Apple and Google App stores. This App has the ability to read eTag365 NFC Sticker and also create your contact information on eTag365 NFC sticker. Your sticker can be stuck on your business card or on the back of your phone. The great thing about using eTag365 NFC Sticker is it takes seconds to use and there is no editing. After you see information on your phone App then hit import button and it will be uploaded to your database in eTag365 Contact Manager in seconds. After you sign up for a plan we will send you your eTag365 NFC Sticker.

Using eTag365 Text Scraper; is browser based App that is used more easily from your desktop or tablet. You login in to App using any popular browser and then enter your eTag365 account login information. You will see screen with clipboard area on the top and a contact form below. Take your mouse and highlight an area text from your computer like Zoom chat box Right click the mouse and choose Copy. Now go to the clipboard area and right click the mouse on clipboard area and choose Paste option. The content will appear in the clipboard area. Press the Enter key and you will see the information in the clipboard be parsed and the information will be placed in the contact form. Sometimes the parsing gets little confused and you will need to re-paste some the information directly into the right field. Then hit the Submit button and it will uploaded to your eTag365 Contact Manager in seconds

To use these tools you will need to create eTag365 Contact Management Account in the Portal. This account is free. You can receive contact information from eTag365 user but to use the above tools you will need an eTag365 Subscription plan.

With a plan you will be able import/export contacts and use one of the biggest features of eTag365 system. That is Email Follow-up (Drip) System. This feature by itself is worth the cost of a plan. This will allow you to keep you and your company in the mind of a prospect or connection without having to remember to send emails out or call them. eTag365 Email Follow-up (Drip) System allows one special introductory email message and 12 other email messages which can be sent out over whatever time span you want. You can even loop the messages up so they are sent out over years. It even has a built in opt-out feature. If the person wants to opt-out eTag365 Email (Drip) System it will automatically stop sending emails to that person if they click on the opt-out option.

In summary, eTag365 System is a very simple but powerful Sales Relationship Manager (SRM) to manage your prospect and connect. Maximize your connections and opportunities. Why spend hundreds dollars on fancy system with lots of features you will never use. When a prospect becomes customer then you can export their information with a few clicks and add them into Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or Accounting system. Do not miss out on the next opportunity because they forgot you!

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