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eTag365 Text Scraper allows you to easily keep the scraper available on your task bar. When you need it just click on the Short Cut Icon. eTag365 Text Scraper is very simple. It lets you highlight text on your computer and “Copy” it and then “Pasta” it in the eTag365 Text Scraper clipboard. eTag365 Scraper when will try to analyze the text and place it in the right field below in eTag365 Contact fields with out you needing to edit or type information in. The process takes seconds to do. Then you can send it to your contact manager database. There is no charge to send contact to database. The only thing you have to do is create eTag365 Contact Portal Account first. If you desired to export the contact you will have to purchase a plan..

eTag365 NFC Sticker System

eTag365 NFC Sticker is one of Ultimate Tools from eTag365 to collect contact information. It’s similar to Apple Pay ™ but instead of using credit card information it uses contact information.

eTag365 NFC Sticker system has 3 parts, the first part is Contact Manager Portal which allows you to view, stores and export your contact. The second is eTag365 NFC Reader / Writer App which allows you to write your contact information, so you can share your contact information and the reader allows you to read other people’s contact and upload load them to your database. The third is the actual eTag365 NFC Sticker which is 18mm x 18mm that we mail you after you sign up. This make up one most power ultimate collector of contact information.