How setup eTag365
Email Drip System

1, Create Email Message

eTag365 Email Drip System uses email to communicate with your prospects. That means that message will go through Spam filter Checks. To try to be sure your message will be receive you should avoid certain word or phases. Here is one article that might be helpful in avoiding Spam keyword words

2.Setting up Email Message Document

Using Microsoft Word or favorite word editor you need to create your email messages. We recommend you keep it simple. One paragraph with  just text works well. You can have one hyperlink to a website or landing page but more could be tag as spam. Images can create issues too.

3.Setting up a Category

Since you have unlimited Category Campaigns we recommend you setup one category and call it “Intro”. This category will have three email message associated with it to try to setup a 1:1 meeting with the prospect. It will be sent out three time at whatever time span you want.

We will setup another and call it “Company1” which be used to give informative email to your prospects over long period of time. You have 0-12 email message so create the different message in your word editor.

4. Viewing  video on How to Setup eTag365 Email Drip System

Now go to video to see how set up eTag365 Email Drip System



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