User Pricing

eTag365 offers 2 User plans starting with a User Free Plan is Free  and very basic for people that just only wants to collect eTag365 User’s contact information. They cannot use any of the tools to collect contact information or import / export contact information or Email follow-up (Drip) System. The second plan is Silver and is for the average user. You can use all the collection tools to collect contact information, but you are not interested in Email Follow-up (Drip) System. The third plan is the Gold which gives you the complete collection tools and  Email Follow-up (Drip) System. The cost eTag365 system will pay itself back to you many many times over. It will help you maximize your connections and opportunities. It will keep your name and company name in the mind of prospect or connection giving the potential for hundreds or thousands dollars more opportunities. eTag365 also offers you some Partner and Dealer opportunities too.

Free Plan

Free Listing in eTag365
More 170 million mobile user database
Free eTag365 Account Profile
You can not export contacts
You can not use eTag365 NFC system
You can not use Email Fo;low up system
You can not use Search by Cell number


$9.99/per month

Billed Monthly

eTag365 Search by Cell number
eTag365 NFC System
eTag365 Text Scraper
eTag365 Emaill Follow Up system
eTag365 DIP System
Unlimited - New contacts
Unlimited - No. contacts exports
Unlimited - Number of stored contacts
Recurring referral commissions
Free eTag365 NFC Tag Stickers
Cancel Anytime - first 30 days 100% money back guarantee

*If you go over your allotment of imports or exports contacts, you will be charge monthly plan until the overage is covered

** Pricing does include S & H charges.