User Rewards Referral Partner Program

Earn 5% Referral Commissions by just using your eTag365 Business Card Sticker!

That's Right!

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User Rewards Referral Program is a very simple program where you can receive recurring rewards for passing your contact information out. When you signed up and agreed to the Users Terms and Conditions you also a agreed to the terms of the User & Group Rewards Referral Programs. This program works both for Retrieve By cell Number or eTag365 NFC Sticker.

eTag365 Retrieve By Cell Number

Enter the person cell phone number into eTag365 mobile App. It will search over 100 million cell number for the contact information. Within a few seconds you will see the contact information that we have on file at that time. It may be completed or partial or not at all. People are updating the information every day.  To get credit you just need person phone and be sure your cell number is the “Ref Phone Number” field and if the person is not a eTag365 User you will receive 5% Rewards Referral commissions if the person signs up. The person who give you the cell number will receive a text with a link to go to sign up. After they sign up you will receive their contact information in your contact information database unless it was complete contact information when you searched.

eTag365 NFC Sticker;

All you need to do is make sure the potential User has their smart phone. You can receive NFC interface on and eTag365 NFC Reader is on. If the potential User does not have them on go to setting menu on the smart phone and turn on NFC. Then go to the App store and download eTag365 NFC Reader. This only takes a couple minutes.

Now tap the back of the phone with your business card and your card information will be sent to them. They will have the option to save it on the phone and make comments. In addition, the information will be sent to your secure  eTag365 Contact Manager in the cloud. If the potential User does not have a eTag365 User account, one will be created for them.

The User will receive a Text telling how to login to the User’s eTag365 Contact Portal and complete their account registration. eTag365 will mail the User free eTag365 NFC Tag Sticker to put on his business card. When the User registered, they were enrolled into eTag365 Referral Commission Program, which will allow you to earn a 5% referral commissions on eTag365 User App service charges for 12 months that the User pays. You do not need to do anything special to claim the referral commissions.

When you signed up the first time within the User agreement, there was information about the Referral Commission Program. eTag365 pays you commissions each quarter. If you get 20 new User registrations per year, eTag365 will extend your previous year’s referral commissions for another year.

eTag365 offers you lifetime referral commissions with no yearly quotas, if you get over 100 new User account registrations.